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We are dedicated to giving back to our sponsors, and as such, we offer benefits for each tier. When you sponsor, contact sales@dynamicdronesolution.com  so we can send you your sponsorship rewards. Thank you for supporting a hero that helps us enjoy our freedoms in this country.

Thank-You Letter (All Sponsors):
The veteran you sponsor will send you a personal letter detailing their experience with DDS' instruction program, including their photo.

Class Photo (All Sponsors):

We provide you with a photo that includes all members our the class for our current instruction cycle.

DDS T-Shirts (All Sponsors):
We send you three DDS T-Shirts with our logo in any combination of sizes that you choose.

1 Minute Video with Company Logo (Sapling tier):
We produce a 1 minute video with your company's logo utilizing our aerial units. The video will include promotional material that you can use for your company's social media and website.

Your Name and Logo on Our Website (Sapling tier):
We add your company's name and logo to our list of sponsors on our website, showing our visitors the organizations that choose to support our heroes.

Extended Video Showcasing Your Sponsorship (Grove tier):
We produce a video with even more material for your company to use for promotion, including footage from our students.

Ticket to Graduation (Grove tier):
You will receive four tickets Join us at the graduation ceremony that takes place at the end of each instruction cycle and meet the veterans who have completed the program and earned their pilot's license and DDS certificate.

30 Minute Consultation with Founder (Grove tier):
We organize a meeting between your company and DDS founder Dewayne Yarbrough to design a plan for how drones can improve your company's efficiency and expand your business opportunities.


Flash Drive of Material for Your Company (Orchard tier):
We produce a flash drive of edited photos, video and other material ready for your company to use for promotion.

Private Drone Flying Lesson for 3 Executives (Orchard tier):
You will be scheduled to enjoy a drone lesson with our founder and/or director of instruction.

Send Your Own Veteran To Training (Orchard tier):
A United States veteran of your choice will be able to receive education in one of our professional drone training classes free of charge.