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Far Cry 3 Pc Patch 1.04 Crack glorgabr




An additional feature to the scenario editor is the addition of a level select window that will automatically display a map of a level selected. Fixes for the scenario editor: • When saving a scenario the game is now saved in a system directory. This means that the game will always be saved to the exact same location. The scenario is now saved under the user directory and the scenario name as a unique identifier. This should also fix the inability to save scenarios on certain machines • Fixed bug where Alt+Tab would cause the game to freeze during scenario editing • Fixed bug where scenario editor would not always open after the main menu • Added new music for the ending sequence • Fixed bug where the level select window would not close after selecting a map • Fixed bug where map selection did not work in the editor • Added option to display map icons in the map window • Fixed bug where not all textures in the editor would display properly • Fixed bug where the A.I. could sometimes hide in corners of the map • Fixed bug where the player could make a mistake while building a turret and the turret would be invisible when the player tries to exit • Fixed bug where using a resourceful item would trigger a script event that should not be triggered • Fixed bug where multiple images on an object would play the same animation, causing a jump • Fixed bug where the player could not jump while dragging a block to a location • Fixed bug where buildings would not be visible in the map when building in the editor • Fixed bug where some buildings would display wrong textures in editor • Fixed bug where light sources would not affect grass in editor • Fixed bug where light sources would sometimes display incorrect textures in editor • Fixed bug where bulldozer would stick to the terrain in editor • Fixed bug where changing the map rotation would not actually rotate the map in editor • Fixed bug where changing terrain rotation in editor would not save the terrain rotation • Fixed bug where shooting at a specific location would not affect the environment • Fixed bug where music would play when the player is idle • Fixed bug where the game would not lock when saving a scenario and jumping to main menu after saving • Fixed bug where models would be displayed in the wrong order in editor • Fixed bug where the weapon attachment points would move in editor • Fixed bug where launching the game would sometimes freeze the



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Far Cry 3 Pc Patch 1.04 Crack glorgabr

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