FAA drone regulation changes bring new opportunity for business

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The FAA announced changes to existing drone regulations as well as new details on the upcoming Remote ID requirement for drones. The changes offer new opportunities for drone pilots and businesses, as they allow drone pilots to perform actions that previously required waivers from the FAA. The changes will take place on March 16, 2021, except for the Remote ID requirements.

Drone operations can now be performed at night without the need for a waiver if the drone has anti-collision lights visible for at least three miles and the remote pilot in command has completed the new version of the knowledge test. DDS can help prepare pilots for the hazards present during nighttime flight with our instruction services.

The new regulations also remove the in-person requirement for recurrent license tests. Pilots now have the option to renew their license through a fully online test.

Flying over moving traffic and people outside the operation crew is now allowed for short intervals. However, the size and model of your drone will influence how long those intervals can last and what precautions are necessary. The FAA now organizes drone operations into categories determined by the weight of the drone. Category 1 operations have the lightest drone models and can fly over crowds. Category 4 operations use the heaviest drones and require certification that the unmanned aircraft is airworthy before it can be flown over people.

If you’re unsure what category your operation fits into, Dynamic Drone Solution can help identify it with our consultation service.

Remote ID will be one of the biggest changes drone pilots face, as all operations will be required to have a drone or phone capable of transmitting the device’s Remote ID while flying. The FAA describe it as a sort of “digital license plate” for your drone as it transmits a serial number unique to the drone, as well as the aircraft’s latitude and longitude. Remote ID will be required for pilots starting September 16, 2023.

Have a question about the new regulations? Send us an email at salesteam@dynamicdronesolution.com or call us at (970) 408-1042.

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