Dynamic Consulting

Our team can help you identify the drone solution for your business's opportunity.  We help you identify areas in which drones can help improve efficiency and drive success.  We will prepare your team to test for their FAA Remote Pilot's License and train them on equipment specifically recommended for your areas of opportunity.  Each four week program is specifically tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges of a given business and industry.  We can still be outsourced while training.  This is not a generic drone license course.  We are the total solution to your aerial intelligence and surveillance needs.

Opportunity Identification


Do you know that drones are the future, but not how they can benefit your business specifically?  Are you looking for new business opportunities that do not have the same physical demands?  Our extensive experience and creative approach help us identify opportunities in a variety of industries.

Even if you don't have the staff to fill a flight department, we can supply your company with professional pilots who are ready to fly.

Drone Pilot Training


We train your employees to pass the FAA Knowledge Test for their Remote Pilot Certification.  Unlike the generic programs others offer, we provide flight time on equipment specifically recommended for your business needs.  Each RPIC (remote pilot in charge) leaves our training with a minimum of 25 hours of flight time (a minimum of 50 takeoffs/ landings). 

Equipment Recommendations

DJI_0723_EDS_WEB (1).png

Drones are like other vehicles; different ones are suited to different jobs.  We are not a reseller of drones; we can provide a standard drone model for your business or build a unit specialized to meet the needs of your industry.  Whether you are looking for speed, high resolution imagery with GPS data, or carrying capacity, our knowledge of manufacturers, models, and systems allows us to recommend hardware and software for maximum efficiency.